VRE Management: Getting to Page 1 of Google is Just the Beginning!

The challenge is STAYING there!

The famous rule of physical real estate is "Location, Location, Location." With Virtual Real Estate, it's the same. And Page 1 of Google is the PRIME LOCATION. But it isn't the ONLY Prime Location. We've got Virtual Real Estate LOCATION figured out...

Managing Virtual Real Estate


If your Virtual Real Estate Property is not on Page 1 of Google and in prime locations all around the Internet, it may as well not exist.

Success online starts with Traffic. Period.​ Without traffic, your beautiful websites, fan pages , etc are like a GMO cornfield in Kansas. 

There are lots of sources of traffic. In fact, Google is NOT the biggest. I know! Shocking! We know the best traffic sources.​

Size Matters

The Internet is always changing and evolving. The current state of change is centered around screen sizes.

Desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices all have different screen sizes. Google and Facebook treat them very differently and so should you.

Understanding this will give you better traffic cheaper and more conversions.​


Conversions is what you are after. It's sales. It's leads. It's engagement. 

Virtual Real Estate should be in a constant state of Testing, Tracking and Optimizing for Conversions.

If you don't do that, your competition certainly will, and you will lose your positions on Prime Locations and your business will suffer. "Optimize or Die!" That's our Battle Cry!


Or, "How much money should you spend creating "free" traffic?


Make no mistake. Getting "free" traffic by using Search Engine Optimization techniques has a cost. You will spend either lots of time, or lots of money, or both.

There is no such thing as free traffic. The only question is whether you are going to pay Google some money or not.​


Pay Per Click traffic costs money. Potentially a lot of money. But it is quick to set up. It is predictable (sort of). And if you can run PPC ads at a profit, you have a license to legally print money.

Remember Testing, Tracking and Optimizing for Conversions? PPC advertising is the fastest and most cost effective way to do that.

Email Lists & Automated Follow-Up Sequences

Email List Management - CRITICAL. Follow-Up Sequence Management - SUPER CRITICAL.

The Money is in Your Relationships with the People On Your Lists. If you neglect these relationships, the people will neglect to give you money.

Nothing Quite Like Winning

Winning Virtual Real Estate battles is awesome because, when you win, you make money. And money is awesome.

If you want to win YOUR Virtual Real Estate battles, hire us to manage your VRE Properties.

You'll be glad you did (and richer too).